Why are veterinary bills so high?

In the decision to adopt a pet, it is important to consider that its upbringing requires some economic solvency. In addition to providing good nutrition, some essential accessories and daily care, you should consider the cost of veterinary accounts.

Animals do not need to go to the veterinarian only when they get sick ; You also have to go to the clinic to make preventive consultations every six months, and keep up to date the health card with the proper vaccines and deworming.

For owners, this outlay in veterinary appointments involves certain expenses that , in reality, they are investments in the welfare of their faithful companions.

We really must be honest and assume that, even the most experienced and responsible owners are questioned about the high cost of veterinary care Next, we will explain why veterinary accounts are so high in almost everyone.

How much do veterinary bills amount to?

The price of veterinary care often varies greatly depending on the country and region where we are located . In addition, the final cost of veterinary accounts always depends on the type of care or the complexity of the studies or treatments that the animal requires.

In Spain, a simple veterinary consultation has an average value of 31 euros , as indicated by the data provided by VMS. However, this value varies significantly if we look at each autonomous community and the size and complexity of the veterinary clinic.

 To what amount the veterinary accounts ascend

For example, in Murcia and in the Valencian Community the consultation is worth 25 euros , which represents the most economic value of the country. Already in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands we usually find the most expensive veterinary accounts, with a cost of approximately 35 euros per consultation.

In addition, the VMS data reflect that small veterinary centers or medium-sized hospitals are usually cheaper than larger hospitals and clinics . At least with regard to the average cost of basic consultations and examinations, such as laboratory tests, urine and feces.

Why are veterinary bills so high?

When we talk about veterinary accounts, we are referring not only to simple or preventive consultations . To these it is necessary to add the value of the vaccines, antiparasitic drugs, possible treatments and surgical interventions. And the result is almost always a high number.

Therefore, many owners are wondering why veterinary accounts are so expensive , especially considering that clinics usually have a high number of patients. To understand this question, we need to put ourselves in the shoes of veterinarians for a moment.

Maintaining a veterinary center involves high costs

First, , mainly in centers of high complexity. To start a clinic you need to acquire specific equipment and work tools to care for animals, drugs, vaccines, materials for surgeries, etc ..

To all this add some less specific accessories , but equally important . This is the case of gloves, masks, alcohol, wet wipes, gauze, cotton, tables, chairs, cleaning products, among others.It will be necessary to invest in good quality feed, snacks , products for oral hygiene, formula, collars and harnesses, straps, identification plates, feeders and drinkers, cages and carriers, etc.

Costs of a veterinary consultation

The salaries of the employees are also an investment

In practice, it is almost impossible for the veterinarian, in addition to serving each patient, also to receive the animals and owners, answer the calls, mark consultations, charge the value of each treatment, etc.

For a good organization, another important investment of a veterinary center consists of the salary of its employees and the expenses derived from a contract.

The bigger a veterinary center, the greater the number of health specialists working on it . In clinics, in addition to administrative officers, several veterinarians also work, which implies a very high salary expense.

As we can see, veterinary accounts are not high only for the public. Veterinarians also invest significant amounts to provide a quality service and maintain a properly regulated center.

Therefore, professionals must charge a reasonable value for their consultations and treatments, to keep a minimally profitable business. Otherwise, it would be difficult to keep your clinic running, especially in smaller cities.

Remember: prevention is the smartest investment

Finally, and not least, we must emphasize that investing in preventive medicine will always be more beneficial, and not only economically . If we invest in preventive consultations, vaccines and deworming, we can strengthen the immune system of our pets.

Consequently, not only avoid high costs with complex treatments and surgeries, but also preserve the welfare of our best friends .