How to store dog food correctly

Every owner of a dog knows that the newly opened sack feed likes it much better than the one he has been using for weeks behind his back. It is normal, because the flavors and texture are losing their optimal characteristics, and the dog notices it. To avoid that happening to us, we will see some tips that will help us store food correctly.

The first thing we have to take into account when choosing between the different sizes of sacks of feed that there are in The market is how much our pet eats per day and how long the container will be open. This way, we can calculate if the dog is going to finish the sack before it expires.

Once the container is opened, the properties begin to decrease day after day . But, to avoid it as much as possible, we must take a series of measures to make our beloved pet enjoy its food as if it were newly opened:

Tips for storing dog food

Some bags of feed come equipped with a hermetic closure system that allows you to store food easily and effectively , but most, and even more large containers, do not have that advantage.

Store dog food

To all those cases, we must take measures not to spoil some of that feed or make our pet have to eat food in poor condition or too hard.

First What we should do is avoid moisture and direct sunlight, for which we are going to look for a cupboard in which the food is fresh and remain in the dark.

Another option is to divide the food into weekly portions that we put into airtight containers , such as a kitchen tupper or a glass jar with cap. In this way, we will take better control of the amount of food our animal ingests and we ensure that it is always in perfect condition.

Another way to store food correctly is to use large containers of Airtight seal that they sell in any bazaar or specialized store . With this, we ensure that the exact humidity is maintained inside the container and stays in good condition for longer.

 Dog feed dispenser

Some of these containers have their own dispenser so that they do not have to open the container every time let's go feed our dog. The bad thing is that they are not as tight as normal containers with a lid.

How to store wet food

There are dogs that do not like dry feed, or because of problems in their teeth should take softer food. In these cases, we should be more careful in conservation than with dry feed, as it gets bad much earlier and, once opened, should be consumed in the next three days.

Wet food cans usually last two or three years without expiring, but once opened, they should be stored in an airtight container in the fridge to prevent the appearance of mold or microorganisms that can make you sick our pet.

If in those three days after being opened the can has not been consumed in its entirety, it is best to throw it away . With wet food you have to take the same precautions as food for people.

Storing food correctly will help us save money and avoid the dog being forced to eat a feed that does not He likes it because it has lost its freshness.There are breeds that need a special feed, like the Yorkshire, which appreciate a special food to reduce their dental problems.